Monday, October 17, 2016

6 AM Hour

- Big wins this weekend for Syracuse football and the Buffalo Bills. Donald Trump on the campaign this weekend saying the election is rigged - story here. And Fox's Rachel Sutherland on the latest from Julian Assange - who claims to have had his internet access cut by a 'state party' - story here.

Audio from the weekend: Chris Cuomo on wiki leaks, Donald Trump wasn't impressed by Hillary - was he saying he doesn't find her attractive. And SNL is back at it again, spoofing the second presidential debate:

- Keeler is trying out the Mongeau's Whipped Cream Diet. He describes it as an amped up version of the Atkins Diet. He's got a headache this morning, which he thinks is due to a lack of carbs.

7 AM Hour

Luke Perry is an associate professor of government and politics at Utica College. His take on the nasty rhetoric we've seen and heard through this presidential campaign. What does Trump do if he loses the election?

Plus, we hear from Fox's Tonya J Powers with a preview of the final presidential debate on Wednesday (which we'll have LIVE for you on WIBX 950 and

Joe Load is in studio with 'A Miracle'. Here's the photo. What do you see?

Joe Load snaps this photo is his garden. What do you see?
Joe Load snaps this photo is his garden. What do you see?

Free Money Question of the Day: The Palmer House was home to which radio station? The answer - WALY.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi in studio. We begin with politics. He has an issue with Donald Trump's claim that the election is rigged. Brindisi remembers Clinton when she was one of New York's US Senators. Why did he opt to publicly endorse Kim Myers for NY-22? And, he discusses his 'Potty Parity' bill

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi (Jeff Monaski, WIBX)
Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi (Jeff Monaski, WIBX)

8 AM Hour

Checking in with Ron Moshier from the Utica OD on the Section III playoff brackets - here's a look at this year's opening round playoff matchups.

Beth Finkel of AARP is on with the results of a survey that took a look at who Gen Xers and Baby Boomers support in the presidential race when it came issues like retirements, the middle class, and social security.

Mark Caswell on the Utica Comets, who opened with a pair of losses in Toronto this weekend. The silver lining is that Jordan Subban scored three goals and tallied an assist in the two games. First we hear from Stephan with a Utica College Football update - they're 5-2 and knocked off the previously unbeaten St John Fisher for the first time in program history on Saturday

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