Thursday, April 3, 2014

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Enhanced license
Hometown of the Day: Canajoharie
Newsmaker of the Day: Fort Hood
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***Today's Topics***



- Bill received his enhanced license and has some identity theft concerns, as well as some others. The enhanced license allows you to drive into Canada and Mexico without a passport.

- Don't film going over the border if you're entering Canada, you may get arrested like Bill did!

- Ft. Hood shooting: Alleged shooter possibly had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Briefly previewed topic of Opt out CNY. State testing occurred this week.


- Discussed Gripe, Hometown of the Day, and Newsmaker of the Day.

- Movie-Trailer voice over guy pranking people at a restaurant Drive-Thru.

Danielle Banks Filling In For Meteorologist Ray Stagich

- Previewed discussion of Chimp ripping woman's face off, 911 tape played before Danielle.


- Should woman who had her face ripped off by a chimpanzee be able to sue the state?

- Michael Vasquez drops out of the GOP primary Congressional race. Interview later in the show.

- Opt out discussion continues.

- Man in Florida reported a false robbery to avoid going to work.

- Notre Dame college student gets drunk and breaks into a day spa and trashes the place and raids the company fridge. He stole himself a half box of Hot Pockets too!

Brandon Lang - NCAA Tournament Final Four Picks

- Warm weather, Spring Break coming up, and Brandon Lang

-Brandon's Picks:UCONN over Florida and Wisconsin over Kentucky.

- Brandon thinks many of the current NBA prospects including Tyler Ennis and Jabari Parker need another year in college.

- We discussed with Brandon the possibility of college athletes unionizing. Brandon is for it. College players should get paid for collegiate jerseys sold.

Jamie McNair - Opt Out CNY

- Discussing state budget in regards to education, state testing, and common core issues.

- Parents have the power, teachers have become more vocal.

- Common Core takes the creativity and joy of learning out of education.

- Should there be evaluation system to weed out poor performance teachers?

- Cuomo trying to weaken teacher's unions.


- Your chance to speak out and share whatever is on your mind! We do the Sound Off every day at the same time.

- Our very own Paralympian Jimmy Joseph called in and he's in Washington heading to the White House today!


- One listener called up after the break and expressed his opinion on teacher's salaries and that they were too high. This led to a discussion on the issue and teacher's benefits and retirement as well.

Peter Cervelli - Yellowstone National Park

- Peter is from the USGS and was on to discuss the earthquake that occurred at Yellowstone over the weekend. Some think there is an animal exodus occurring but Peter let us know it's non-sense and nothing serious will come from earthquake.

Michael Vasquez - Drops Out Of Congressional Primary

- Before going to Mr. Vasquez we took Tom's call about a historic volcanic incident that effected us locally.

- Mr. Vasquez feels fracturing the vote does the people a disservice. He stated that he will support Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney in the race.

Sandy Botkin - Our Tax Expert

- April 15th is approaching and you need to be ready!

- Filing electronically helps to avoid errors and it also helps for a quicker refund.

- Avoid filing your own taxes because your chances of an audit increase drastically. If the IRS sees that you do your own taxes, you may be more susceptible to audits.

- Filing for an extension is not a bad thing unless you don't do it properly.

- If you have a business, get a tax tracker such as an app. It helps keep track of mileage and business expenses.

- Last minute tax filing can lead to error. DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN AND DATE YOUR TAX RETURN.

- If you have a big ticket item, attach the item to the tax return explaining the item. Let's say you have a $25,000 dental bill, it will lead to scrutiny and a possible audit. Instead of just putting "Dental Expenses" be specific, i.e. Braces for wife and three kids.

- Sandy gave us a little insight into the management and organization of the Internal Revenue Service. Most want to be nice and fair, however there are a fair number that take their stress and frustration out on the tax payer.

To Find Out More About Sandy and His Book Visit His Website:

Last Minute Stories

- Is there such thing as acting too straight? One politician believes so!

- Jon Stewart not letting CNN off the hook for their coverage of the missing Malaysian Flight 370.

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