Thursday, August 11th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Keeler's key fob confusion had him scrambling to make it in today

We tried to for a campaign update with Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland. Unfortunately she didn't have time for Keeler to wander around the main topic

Audio and coverage of the bizarre story of a virginia man who wanted to climb Trump Tower to meet The Donald

What would you think if you awoke from a 20 year coma today? My how the world has changed

7 AM Hour

Fox's Tonya J Powers with the latest on the search for suspects in the murder of two joggers - one in New York and the other in Massachusettes

Local glass company Sahl's Glass in Whitesboro using a suction device somewhat similar to the suction cups used by the Virginia man who who climbed Trump Tower, sort of

Keeler interviews Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad ahead of their show at Vernon Downs this Friday night

Keeler played a portion of a re-creation from a wild transcript taken from an argument between a defendant and judge in Georgia. It's from the Rick and Morty show. Here is the full clip

8 AM Hour

Catching up with Bonnie Reynolds - of MASH fame - as Spring Farm Cares prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary this Saturday

Naegele brings in some Skinny Atlas beer from Empire Brewing in Cazanovia. It's a light beer, but you probably wouldn't know it

Mike Polce of MA Polce on the importance of cyber security at your business, especially in the wake of the Delta Airlines shutdown earlier this week

WKTV GM Steve McMurray on the contract negotiations with Direct TV. The local NBC, CBS and CW stations have been booted off Direct TV until both sides can reach a new deal

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