Thursday, August 14th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- We will have a Utica Councilman on the show today to talk about the Stewart's Issue.

- The story of the young black man in Missouri who was shot and killed while unarmed is causing riots and chaos in Missouri.

- Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin Williams, has had to get off all social media outlets because of the fact she has been being harassed.

- Rush Limbaugh got himself in some hot water with people talking about Robin Williams and his leftist views.

- Andrew had a big day yesterday revealing his story about suicide and depression. Hopefully talking about it will help others.

- Buffalo Bills fans are the drunkest in the NFL and Andrew can attest to that. We will speak with an author who attended a game at each NFL stadium last year.


- Coming up we will talk to the sports author but we have some crazy stories first.

- For Bill's son's birthday at a restaurant the waitress brought out the entrees and Bill said, "You forgot the salads." They had been brought.

- A woman in Seattle and was nude. Now that's not illegal, but she was caught performing a sexual act with a lawn chair.

- People are protesting the store Whole Foods and we talk about Wegman's.

- Sea World in Florida is having big financial problems, stock prices tanked. There was of course the documentary "Black Fish" and the death of one of the trainers that didn't help their PR.


- Long Island and Rhode Island got blasted with rain. Long Island received more rain yesterday than they usually do in a summer. They received 13" of rain. Just think if it was snow! One inch of rain is equivalent to about 1 foot of snow.

- We talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel about this topic and our weather forecast for the rest of the week.

Sean MacDonald - Author "Ultimate Football Road Trip"

- Sean spent last NFL football season traveling to each of the NFL stadiums and ranking and reviewing the experiences.

- One determination made was the Buffalo Bills fans were selected as the drunkest!

- We talk to Sean about the rest of his exploits.


- The Father of Kevin Ward Jr. has criticism for Tony Stewart and wants a better explanation from Stewart.

- We talk about the possibility of charges for Tony Stewart. We compare it to a case in the NHL where a player hit someone over the head with a stick, and he was charged with assault.

- Bobby O is a local blogger and he comes on to talk about his overnight exploits. He and some artists went out and covered up some graffiti that contained an expletive about Utica.

Jason Flemma - Utica Councilman 3rd District

- Plate Night is a local Food Network-type show and this week's episode is CC's Pub.

- Jason Flemma was one of 2 that was for the Stewart's location in East Utica.

- Jason talks with us about his thoughts on the difference between the old proposal and the one that is going to be going through with the zoning board.

- Jason talks about how deplorable this situation has been handled and that we're still talking about it in August is crazy.

- Jason talks about the behind the scenes lobbying that was going on and the accusations being had.

- Flemma says that things are very close to going through despite some possible lawsuits and protest.

Ryan Miller - YoUtica Eats

Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM
Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM

- Before we get to Ryan, Denise calls in with a positive story for the area. People who docked their boat in Rome told her that out of all their travels, the people in Rome have been the best.

- YoUtica Eats is an event that allows for people to potentially receive a grant for start up costs or whatever.

- We discuss the consumption of Kool-Aid. Ryan feels it's genuine and people are doing great things.

- The event is October 5th and it will include great food! For more details go to

Brenda Episcopo - The United Way

Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM
Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM

- The Mayor and Oneida County Executive will be competing in the USA Luge Slider Search Saturday @ 10 AM.

- Brenda is on to talk about their school supply drive they're doing. The United Way has teamed up with our sister station Lite 98.7 for it.

- The last day of the drive is tomorrow and they will be sorting on Monday. You can find out how to donate by calling 733-4691.


Coach Gary Heenan - Utica College Men's Hockey

- We wrap things up with Brenda by talking about 2-1-1 and come January all of New York will be covered by 2-1-1.

- We talk with Gary about some big announcements including the Assistant Coach hiring of Eddie Olczyk. There are some great connections with Eddie and his dad already! It will help recruiting.

- Gary also talks about the international play that will be starting next week!

- He talks about his thoughts on the upcoming season and the young hard working team he's graduated 13 seniors.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM
Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM

- It's time for the Craft Beer of the Week!!!!

- Naegele is in with the Woodchuck Cider. This cider is made with actual apples and it's a full body cider. This is closer to what a non-alcoholic cider would taste like.

- The flavor is full of apples and it's not as crisp as champagne.


- The band Target is reunited and they will be performing at Saranac Thursday tonight!

- Stefan who was banned from this show had done a complete 360 and is now allowed back on and he is doing well. He calls in from his vacation in Maryland.

- There is a new scam going on in Pennsylvania where people call restaurants and they say if you don't pay, your power will be cut off.


- Motorfest is going on this weekend at Vernon Downs this Saturday. You can get all the details and tickets on the website.

- Bad weather luck for the Herkimer County fair this week so far. Things can get wet and muddy.

- There is a guy in Texas whose wife left him for another woman and that is why he is so anti-gay. He is involved with the movement to remove gays from the Scouts.

- Whole Food markets is adding rabbit to their inventory and people are protesting.

- The International Mathematics Union has given out a medal to a girl and it's the first girl ever to do it.

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