Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Today we speak with Willie Waffle about movie reviews, NASCAR driver Ryan Reed is in to talk about his journey with diabetes, and we speak with the man accused of abandoning his mom in the woods, Tomas Zavalidroga.

We will have audio posted, but it may be slightly delayed today. Thank you for your patience.

6 AM Hour

The first GOP debate is tonight and we are all excited. Donald Trump will certainly be the person everyone is watching and talking about. It would be a whole different debate without him in it.
We talk more about the GOP debate and who made the cup. Jimmy Fallon had a field day with the whole thing. The issue also comes up about whether or not Donald Trump is in this to help the Clinton campaign. We will carry the debate on WIBX 950 and our free Radio Pup app. We also talk about another shooting at a movie theatre in Nashville.

American Idol is going into its final season and for a publicity stunt have approached a transgender person to come on the show, so they could ride the wave and things are getting worse for the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion.
We speak with our weekly movie reviewer Willie Waffle about movie theatre safety and what can be done to prevent attacks. We also talk to Willie about the GOP debate tonight and he gives us reviews on two movies including Mission Impossible and Shaun the Sheep.

7 AM Hour

We speak with Dr. Pari Godsi about the issue of temperature control in the workplace. A new study shows that older men influenced the formula for workplace temperatures and that needs to change. It's hard to please everyone!

Anthony and Joanne Lucente are in from the Schuyler Car Show and Corn on the Cob Eating Contest. He is promoting the event and Andrew and Jeff face off in their own corn eating contest.

The results are in! It was close, but Andrew ended up becoming the victor of the WIBX Corn Eating Challenge.

We talk with Matt Schlapp about the upcoming GOP debate and what we can expect from tonight's events.

8 AM Hour

We talk about the fact that Ryan Reed, a NASCAR driver, will be here in studio to discuss his appearance at Utica College and Mohawk Valley Health Systems today.

We have Ryan Reed in studio. He is a 21-year-old NASCAR driver who is racing in the Xfinity Series and he is living with Type 1 Diabetes. He shares his story with us and how he chased his dreams despite being told he couldn't because of this disease.

WIBX post 08062015
WIBX post 08062015


We have John Naegele and Rick Lewis in for our Craft Beer of the Week segment, but it gets interrupted by a surprise guest. Tomas Zavalidroga is the man who was accused of leading his mother into the woods and leaving her there. He decided to stop by and share with us his side of the story.

Tomas Zaviladroga, who is facing endangering and falsely reporting an incident charges, comes in studio to give his side of the story.

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