Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Today our focus will primarily be on the issue of Net Neutrality. The vote is taking place today and we have guests for both sides participating in a discussion. We also have Congressman Richard Hanna on to give his take on the topic.

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***Today’s Topics***


- There is a water main break that has closed down traffic near the AUD and we promote the fact we will talk a lot about net neutrality today.


- Dakota Johnson, from Fifty Shades of Grey, is going to be hosting SNL and will be making fun of the video from her and her mom at the Oscars. Also, the issue of drones is becoming a problem and vandalism in Arizona caused a loss of power, cable, and other services.


- Bill plays a song he wrote about Utica, some people may call it the insult song. We also talk about the St. Patrick's Day Parade! We also talk about a crazy story out of New Hampshire who was buried under the snow for three hours. He's a very lucky guy! We talk to Ray Stagich about that guy and the Weather Channel forecast for the day.

- Madonna Takes A Tumble. Check out the video:


- Rob Tracy of Rome has announced that he will be running against Joe Fusco in a Republican Primary for Mayor of Rome. Charlie Sheen reinvented his role from Ferris Bueller's Day Off for the sitcom, "The Goldbergs." We also talk about a dog food story.

Congressman Richard Hanna

- We talk to the Congressman about the winter, Dept. of Homeland Security funding, and other issues including savings for children.


- We review the case of the woman in the Adirondack Central School District who drove a bus and is fired now, and a listener took to Twitter with her concerns.

Net Neutrality Debate

- We have both sides of the issue represented for our debate including Austen Givens from Utica College and Matt Wood of Austen is against net neutrality and Matt is for it. We hear from both sides and discuss the issue.


- We wrap up the end of the hour with a preview of what's still to come.

Greeley Ford and Jim Plumley

- We talk briefly again about Madonna's fall on stage at the Brit Awards. We talk to Greeley and Jim about the concert Classified is doing at Nicole's of Camden to benefit Imagine Greater Camden.


John Naegele - McCraith Beverages

- John is back from vacation and it's good to have our Craft Beer of the Week again! Naegele also brings in a rare beer for Andrew.

Robert Tracy - Candidate for Mayor

- Rob has announced that he is going to primary Mayor Joe Fusco on the GOP line in the city of Rome. He talks about his background and work as an actor and he talks about why he wants to run for mayor. He also talks about his time working for the Chatham Theatre Company.

Wrapping Up For The Day

- We review some stories from the morning including the guy who was trapped under the snow.

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