Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Today we speak with Congressman Richard Hanna on Boehner, Robert Desanctis who is a possible replacement for Jason Flemma on the Utica Council, Gallagher is back in the studio and much more!

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***Today’s Topics***


- It is cold outside! Even Atlanta has a wind chill factor of 0. The triple homicide on Whitesboro St. yesterday was a true tragedy and so was that terror attack in France that killed 12.


- The Syracuse Orange are 2-0 in Conference play. How good will this team be this year?


- Curt Schilling doesn't believe he will make it into the Hall of Fame and you'll never believe why. We also get the Weather Channel Forescast from Ray Stagich.

Congressman Richard Hanna - LIVE From Washington

- We chat with the Congressman about the John Boehner vote, oil and gas, and the outlook for 2015.

David Schanzer - Terror Expert

- Before we get to David we talk about the journey to find the 'Cuse game on TV. David Schanzer is an expert in homeland security and terrorism. He discussed with us the attack in France over a satirical cartoon.


- We go over the stats from last night's 'Cuse game and an 18-year-old girl threw a Playboy Mansion style party. Did we mention Dad was there to hang out with the girls?

Robert DeSanctis

- Robert is the Republican choice to replace Jason Flemma on the Utica Common Council.

People's Choice Awards Central New York

- We gather ideas for categories for local People's Choice Awards.

Gallagher - In Studio

- We continue to gather categories for the local People's Choice Awards and Gallagher shares an idea he has and wants to hire people.

John Naegele - Craft Beer of the Week

- John brings us Shiner's new Spring Seasonal "Birthday Beer." It's a chocolate stout and it's delicious. So much so, Gallagher even said so.

Professor Hub Brown - Syracuse University

- Professor Brown is a Professor of Communications at Syracuse University and he is on to talk about the future of cable television and programming.

Wrapping Up For The Day with Gallagher

- Gallagher talks about what ideas he has and how he feels he can accomplish them.

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