Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Today we had a packed show including Willie Waffle, Don Marinelli from Carnegie Mellon, and we sample our Craft Beer of the Week.

6 AM Hour

- Do you have a backup alarm? What do you use to wake up? Should your alarm be loud or soft?

- Willie Waffle is our weekend movie reviewer, but today we talk to him more about the Tom Brady suspension and he gives us a preview of the movies coming up this weekend including the 'Vacation' remake. He also previews the new 'Mission Impossible' movie.

7 AM Hour

- Dave Mevoli is from Brewery Ommegang and he has some new beers of us to sample and some awesome swag! He also talks about the importance of locally grown hops. He is on a trip with the Ommegang RV introducing people to great craft beer.

- We are joined by Naegele from McCraith and we play another edition of Stump Bill/iTunes music service and we get a couple stumps!

8 AM Hour

- We speak with Peter Cikora from local CWA 1126 talking about why there is a need for Verizon FIOS in our area and why it is necessary and possible. He also talks about the labor disputes. We also talk to Naegele about the 'White Gold' beer from Ithaca Brewing Company and Rick Lewis about the premiere episode of 'The Beer Next Door.'

- We speak with Mike Maccione from The American Legion tournament at Murnane Field (Donovan Stadium) and Susan Murad to promote an event taking place at Players of Utica for the reunion of REVOLUTION.