Thursday, September 6th, 2018

6 AM Hour

- Tonya J. Powers and Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio is on this morning to discuss their assigned topics, briefly, but really the NY Times Op-Ed on Trump.

- Ed Welsh of AAA is on this morning to talk about Back-to-School safety. It's important to drive safely and pay attention.

- Attorney Joe Hobika calls in to weigh-in on the New York Times article and his thoughts on all of it.

7 AM Hour

- Luke Perry is a Political Science professor at Utica College. He joins us to discuss the NY Times Op Ed.

- Jim Piccola of the NYS DOT is in with an update on some night work being done on 5S starting Sunday and he takes questions.

8 AM Hour

- Bobby Miller is in this morning promoting the 8th Annual Mediterranean Festival  at St. Geroge's Orthodox Church in New Hartford.

- NFL football is back and we're speaking with Brandon Lang on all things extra-curricular.

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