Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Today Lt. Steve Hauck is in for Kristine and we will speak with John Dellerba, who is the Utica P.B.A President, about the health benefits for police. We will also speak with Ted Johnson from the band The Swamp Drivers. One of their videos is going viral!

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***Today’s Topics***


- In for Kristine is Lt. Steve Hauck of the UPD and we start off talking about the fact that it's hard to get cooperation from witnesses of crimes and we talk about a case in St. Louis where a camera was shut off after a female police officer said, "Stop, we're red!" The celebrity apprentice finale could have been wrapped up in 15 minutes, but they dragged it on for 2 hours.


- Kristine sends pictures from Georgia of an ice storm and a state representative in Mississippi is under fire for racist comments he made "off the record" to a reporter.


- Barbera Bush has said in the past that there were too many Bush's already in the White House, but now she's changed her mind. An interesting thing happened on the Bachelor, one of the finalists posed for Playboy, and we talk about how many writers it takes to write a country song. Our man Ray Stagich gives us his Weather Channel forecast. We also pick his brain about the Cantore video.


- Bill had some cool gifts including a thermometer for the iPhone and a wireless blood pressure monitor.


- We have some neat toys in studio, including a blood pressure monitor that is wireless and hooks to your iPhone. We'll test those out real soon. A congressman put himself in a position during CSPAN coverage to keep winking on camera. He did this to his Mom.

- We also talk with Terry Johnson from The Swamp Drivers and they have a video of their shoveltar (guitar made out of a shovel) that has over 900,000 views.

Hassan Giordano - Political Insider

- Hassan is on to discuss the power ISIS has and the money they raise. They are one of the richest terrorist groups in the world and that could be a huge threat.

John Dellerba - President of the Utica P.B.A.

- John is on to talk about the fact that Mayor Palmieri has been doing things that is causing animosity with the Police Department. One of which has to do with health benefits for officers and their families. 71 officers since Mayor Palmieri has been in office have left the force.

Ramona Smith - Rome City Councilor

- Ramona is on to give her thoughts on the possibility of a meat packing plant (or slaughterhouse) going up in Rome.

Gary Heenan - UC Hockey Pioneers

- Gary is on to talk about this past weekend's games and what's next for his team?

Rick Reynolds

- Rick Reynolds has brought in a unique and very special item. He tells the story behind this verified listener stamp! The story is fascinating.


- Steve calls up to

Wrapping up: Bill gets a new at-home device to digitally check your blood pressure -

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