Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Today we speak with the pilots of the Boilermaker flyover. We also have in studio ChrisUnited, a 13-year-old musical prodigy, and Carl Paladino on the SAFE Act.

6 AM Hour

- Not so nice weather on the way this week and there is now an Iran Nuclear Deal. We talk a little about blue/green algae, and a weather man channels his inner Taylor Swift.

- Wednesday will be the slowest day in professional sports and there was a major change to the Home Run Derby. FOX News should maybe do a bracket style for the debates. Hillary Clinton had a message in Spanish for Donald Trump and we talk more news headlines.

- There was spectator taunting going on by a woman with a sign that read "If the Boilermaker was easy, it would be called your mom." We also talk about the signage along the course and the length of Whitesboro Street.

- In season 7 of the Cosby Show there is a reference to Bill Cosby's "Special BBQ Sauce."

7 AM Hour

- We speak with one of the pilots of the planes that did the flyover at the Boilermaker Post-Race party. Mark Murphy, his family, and friend were the pilots of the historic WWII era planes.

- Dr. Steve Weiniger is a healthy living and anti-aging expert. He is on to talk about how to live a healthy life and slow down the again process.

- Leon and Romy were on another National television program called "Fool Us" and their Schtick is amazing! They have a great thing going.

- Kevin Mellott is a global security expert and President of ERASE Enterprises. He is on to talk about mosquito size drones that can do some good, but also can be used in very nefarious ways.

8 AM Hour

- Chris United is here in studio and he is a 13-year-old with amazing talent. He shreds the guitar and sings classic rock hits. He plays us Neil Young's 'Keep on Rockin' in the Free World.'

- Continuing with Chris United...he plays Bon Jovi's 'Dead or Alive.'

- Pluto is getting a close-up today and we also talk about bullying and online bullying. A kid read some of the nasty things that were said about him on a YouTube video and a White House staffer was so touched by it that it earned him a trip to the White House.

- We speak with Carl Paladino from Buffalo about the New York SAFE Act, his displeasure with GOP leadership in New York, Cuomo and the Buffalo Billions, and more.