Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

6 AM Hour

- Peter Franklin is the Gabby Cabby! In addition to his weekly True Tales, he reports on the helicopter crash in Manhattan.

7 AM Hour

- Diane Madden is now in charge at the Road to Home Support dog shelter on Broad Street in Utica. She says Kim Strong left and didn't come back, and they are working to care for and find new homes for many of the 59 dogs remaining.

- Oneida County DA Scott McNamara is on this morning to talk about what he saw at the facility once run by Kim Strong on Broad Street and Bill's asks him about proposed legalization of prostitution.

8 AM Hour

- Eben Brown of Fox News Radio is on this morning to talk about the latest on the David Ortiz shooting.

- Cliff Montanye is here from the Saranac Brewery. We see the brand new Saranac Stein, perfect for your Father's Day gift.

- Tim Reed joins us this morning to talk about his cancer scare, Bill's cancer scare and the campaign both inspired.

- Joe Marino is on this morning to talk about his recent thoughts on the gun violence in the city and what he feels he should be done about it.

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