Tuesday, June 17th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Andrew starts off in a negative mood this morning and wants to choose the gripe.

- Robert Channing will be on AGT, but has not yet.

- The US Military is sending 275 people into Iraq. We believe some of our weaponry is in their hands, and they're using it.

- Village elections are taking place today, and Bill is having some trouble deciding whether or not to talk about it.

- A brand new Plate Night is now live on our website! It's Waterfront Grille in Herkimer. This episode brings Bill back to his disco days at the owners' old place Studio 33.

- 20 years ago today, OJ Simpson and his friend Al Cowlings were leading police on a slow speed chase. At one point they were talking to police on the phone. "Juice" was suicidal at the time, and his friend Al was trying to talk him down.

- Look at where OJ is now, he's serving a life sentence for armed robbery of memorabilia.


- Bill talks about what's to come on today's show.

- Rome School District Budget vote to take place today.

- Andrew gives his gripe and gets very worked up about it. He may have gone a little overboard in regards to his feeling.

- He feels that the people he was communicating with to try and get a particular guest on the air, were acting somewhat unprofessional.

- Bill and Jeff talk him down. Al Cowling is to OJ as Jeff and BIll are to Andrew.


- Village Elections taking place today in both Ilion and Herkimer. Bill has seen some things that are unprofessional and he is opening the phone lines all day long to give their thoughts or comments on the race. 736-0186 if you want to call in.

- The big election in Herkimer is for the Mayoral race. In the village of Ilion it seems as if there is some major tension and drama there.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- We talk Father's Day and Ray's daughter's birthday.

- We may seem some seriously nasty weather coming up in the next couple of days.

- He doesn't think we should worry about tornadoes at this point, but be aware of the slight possibility.

- We could see normal or below normal temperatures at some point by the end of the week.


- The USA gets their first win against Ghana yesterday and our next game is Sunday against Portugal. We talk with our intern Ed about the World Cup and how well it's followed.

- The new Miss USA, Nia Sanchez, was asked what the capitol of her home state was and she couldn't come up with it. When the interviewee told her she said she remembered based on Carson Daily.

- She talked with Inside Edition about the question.

- JoJo calls in to talk about Soccer and complain about too many off sides. JoJo would love to bet on Soccer and the World Cup.


- Brand new Plate Night on the website. It's Waterfront Grille in Herkimer.

- The Duck Dynasty family has a member of it that is running for Congress. The Duck Dynasty family is extremely religious.

- The Herpes virus came from Chimps around one million years ago.

- The body of a New York woman was recently accidentally released from a city morgue and donated to science to a local Medical College.

- You have to be your own advocate when it comes to surgery. Don't be rude just subtly give a hint it's like a soap opera.

- Obama is deploying 275 troops into Iraq for the first time since 2011.

- Bill watched an Edward Snowden documentary over the weekend and he hasn't changed his mind about him, however Bill has re-evaluated the placement of blame and the role of the NSA.

- The Snowden discussion continues.

John Cahill - Attorney General Candidate

- John is running against current AG Eric Schneiderman.

- The New York State Police have endorsed John Cahill.

- John knows the State needs someone who will be tough on crime. He also feels that the current AG does not believe in business.

- The issue of Attica files being sealed came up as well.

- He also talks about the issue of Medical Marijuana.

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday to...

Maureen Boehlert from Utica
Drew Trojnar from Frankfort-Schuyler (Belated)
Tom Bonomo from Clinton
Inna Brutsky from Clayville (Belated)
Konstantin Brutsky from Clayville

Congratulations to Maureen Boehlert from Utica. You get the birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop.


- Bill talks again about the villages of Herkimer and Ilion elections.

- The Rome School District budget will be voted on today and if this new budget gets voted down, it goes to an austerity budget, which would eliminate sports budgets.

- Bill goes into details about the Village of Ilion mayoral race. He talks about issues that have come out and includes details about the utility bill letter.

- Another thing Bill talked about was the fact that she held a state of the village address a week before the village elections. This is not an annual event and not a tradition.

- Kathy calls in to talk about the Rome School Budget.  She talks about the teachers being not happy with the budget. This time around 16 more positions will be saved so the outcome may be different.

- Kathy also talks about the 2.5% tax increase. She encourages people to go out to vote. She is voting "No" on the budget due to the tax increases.


- Bill talks about aging and temper.

- Bill talks about parenting and what helps your child take the right road. He talks about the role of a parent.

- One parents daughter went to school with a dress that was too short and they sent her home. On the last day of school is when she wore it and was sent home. The mother defends the child by wearing the dress to graduation.

Jean O'Toole - NY Beef Council

- We talk to Jean about the "Boilermaker Burger" and the proceeds that go to the CNY Food Bank.

- There is also a Twitter campaign to compete in the Burger Relay. You have to eat the burger the fastest and we are competing with our sister station.

- In order to compete you have to upload to the website or tweet a picture of yourself enjoying the Boilermaker Burger in order to be in the running to compete.

- You can also hook your gas grill up to your natural gas line.

- The new team for the Boilermaker Beef Council is Team Beef. It used to be called Team Zip, but now it's Team Beef.

- We talk about alternate ways to cut you beef and how long you can keep your meat in storage. To find out more go to:

- We also talk about dry aged beef and it's process and taste.

- Bill learns a lot from Jean when she comes in. It's Beef Council not Beef Association.

Tracey Brooks - President/CEO Family Planning Associates

- Before we got to Tracey we talked about the CNY references in the new season of Orange is the New Black.

- Not to Tracey: She gives us an update on where New York is in regards to Family Planning Associates. She gives the stats in regards to the New York residents.

- She addresses issues of people who feel slighted and people who lost their insurance. Pay attention to tax credits based on your income.

- Unless there are extenuating circumstances, open enrollment will begin in October of this year.

- One of the other big concerns with the Affordable Care Act is Medicaid and Medicare. Tracey addresses what happens with that.

- Tracey represents women and Bill throws her a curve ball about the minimum wage issue and how it applies to women. She gives her thoughts.

- Tom calls in to talk about maternity insurance and why all people have to support it.

Hipolito Acosta - Former Federal Border Patrol Agent

- We are seeing repeat mistakes of immigration reform from the past. We see children being smuggled from Central America to the US Border.

- A Congresswoman wants to have Obama start a PR campaign to let parents know about the dangers of the journey from Central America to the border.

- We need better strategies to combat illegal immigration.

- Smugglers are being hired by current illegal aliens to bring their children to America. The employers are hiding aliens and there are 10-15 million illegal immigrants in this country.

- Strategy is key.

Terri Torrey - Entertainment Manager

-Reminder:Elections taking place today for Rome School District and villages of Herkimer and Ilion.

- Before we talk to Terri, William calls up with some interesting questions.

- We talk with Terri about Jim Breuer with Terri and she gives us an update on the upcoming events at Turning Stone including the Showroom and Event Center.

- A Rodeo and WWE is coming to Turning Stone and just announced, Saturday, July 19th there will be Sumo Wrestling in the Event Center.

- For more details go to

Have a great Tuesday!

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