Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Today is CINCO DE MAYO!!

- Today is Cinco de Mayo, Brian calls up to talk about his over-the-air antenna, and David Letterman only has about 12 shows left.

- ISIS is claiming responsibility for the Texas shooting at the Muhammad cartoon contest.

- Dean Skelos and his son have been arrested on bribery charges and more. Also, a 5-year-old special needs child was handcuffed by police because teacher's couldn't control him.

- We play the Music Game giving someone the chance to qualify to win tickets to the Comets game on Friday. We also talk about some whacky news stories.

- Dodgers stadium erupted into cheers when the "Kiss Cam" went on two guys and they kissed. Morgan Freeman is coming out against the media. He actually said "F*ck the Media." The context of this was the Baltimore riots. We also go over the list of the 21 obsolete household items.

- John Zogby is on to talk with us about Dean Skellos' charges and two more Presidential candidates throw their hat into the ring including Dr. Ben Carson and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina.

John Zogby talks with Bill Keeler May 5, 2015

- Tim Hoch is a legal strategist who specializes in Family Court law. He talks to us about a study that shows children of divorced parents undergo less stress living with both parents.

- After a long time, we finally get to Tom who's been waiting on the line for a while. He asks about picture postcards and buildings that were forgotten about. We talk about what it means to be optimistic.

- Bill Waskiewicz is the owner of Chester's Flowers on York St. He is in to talk about Mother's Day, shopping local, and what he has to offer at his store! He recommends the best way to order flowers.

- We play some music in honor of Cinco de Mayo and cover some crazy news stories. Letterman did his final interview with Barack Obama. Also, there will be an upcoming special on 'Keeping Up with The Kardashians' featuring Bruce Jenner discussion.

- We love 'The Music Game' and we are playing with Donna from New Hartford. She is playing to qualify for Comets Tickets.

- We have in studio Jim Haid and Ernie Talerico from The Rescue Mission. They are in to talk about a special skills training program they are offering for impoverished and homeless people. This will teach them the skills necessary to get good job training.

- How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Bill has also been contacted by Gallagher with a list of his ideas.