Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Is Claudia Tenney running for Congress again? She's expected to announce her intentions at a series of news conferences today. Plus, ISIS says it will target Washington D.C. next, while Great Britain says it is expecting an attack on its power grid

FOX's Tonya J. Powers - Weapons stolen from a Massachusetts Army Reserve building

  A FREE Money WINNER!! We're joined by FOX's Rachel Sutherland about a new ISIS video threatening the U.S.

The new Barbie doll for boys?

7 AM Hour

Mario weighs in on the two corruption trials going on in New York - Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos

The Google self-driving car has pulled over by police in California.

Charlie Sheen announces he is HIV Positive on The Today Show. Plus, is there a boycott of PEPSI going on? Are the claims people are making on social media true?

We're hoping to catch up with Shelly Callahan of the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees about Syrian refugees in central New York

8 AM Hour

Renee Arndt is behind an event called Taking Care of Business. An evening of celebrating women and inspiring entertainment. Plus, Keeler has some information on possible Syrian refugees coming to the Utica-area. And, Alain Sanders, a Political Science professor at St. Peter's University in Jersey City, reacts to President Obama's comments on the Paris terror rampage

Recapping Charlie Sheen's announcement today. He admitted to being HIV Positive. We've got some audio from his appearance on The Today Show.

More audio from Sheen's Today Show appearance.

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