Here’s a wrap-up of today’s Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX for Tuesday, November, 5th.

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Elections
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Today is Election Day.  There's much to discuss.

There are plenty of races around the region, some big proposals to vote on and a very important Comptrollers Race in Utica today.  Polls are open until 9 p.m..

Toronto Mayor Caught Allegedly Smoking Crack

Then Calls Radio Station to Defend Himself? (See below)

Sponge Bob Square Pants Got Fired - Conservs. and Libs are Going Nuts

Here's a story.  Sponge Bob is now political?

 Bullying in the NFL?

This is a big story.  What do you think?  Young NFL Players bullied?  Threatening text messages?

Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford caught on camera allegedly smoking crack.  Then, a radio station there says the Mayor posed as a listener and called their radio show to defend the Mayor (to defend himself, actually, if the radio station is correct.)  You be the judge.

A Cat Stuck in a Tree for 2 Days???

That's what a caller says.  We're going to try to help.

Cat up a tree segment 1:

Cat up a tree segment 2:

Cat up a tree segment 3:

Cat up a tree segment 4:

Utica Comets at Home Tonight

We have a pair of tix to give away next hour.

Election Day Conversation:

A listener writes about "None of the Above"

Mr. Keeler, top of the mornin' to ya! With regards to voting, I think we should have a line on EVERY ballot on EVERY election a line called "None of the above". If the candidate that is running doesn't get 50% of the vote, then there has to be another election with someone else as a candidate. I saw a WCNY program a while ago about this and it being an option in other states on the ballot. I think when we have unopposed elections, that doesn't give the people a choice. What happens if the person running is a lousy candidate but no one else is on the ballot? If "None of the above" was on the ballot, then that person may NOT get re-elected and the potential is there for someone to replace the candidate anyway. This could cause people without a lot of money to actually get elected.

Of course the best thing for all elected officials is term limits. Doesn't matter if that is County Sheriff, Coroner, Town Clerk or other, term limits would force change and maybe these "old geezers" that have been in office since the debt was $1.00 to find a civilian job. You know, the jobs they all promise but never materialize...Yes I know nano-tech. Like many politician's of the past, they promise more jobs but at what cost? A ten year tax-free ride? Billions in taxpayer money? What happens when the tax breaks run out? They'll be just like GE in Utica in the early 90's. 

Anyway, guess what day it is? VOTE DAAAAAAAYY!

Rock the vote!

Brent Axe from

Talking SU Football and Basketball:

Andrew is going to the Residence with the Cat Stuck in the Tree

It's near Rutger Street in Utica.  It seems that a fire truck is too heavy to drive on the property.  We're seeing if we can help.  By 9am Mohawk Valley Tree Service was there, getting the cat out of the tree.



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