Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

6 AM Hour

- Rachel Sutherland (FNR) reports on the latest call from President Trump to have Congressman Schiff arrested for exaggerating claims from a call with the leader of Ukraine.

7 AM Hour

- John Bergener Jr. of Divide NY wants New York State to be split into three sections. Divide NY is holding several meetings during the month of October. More info at newamsterdamny.org.

8 AM Hour

- Deepak Chopra is an Indian-born American author and alternative medicine advocate. He was made famous by his writings and his social media following. We speak with him today about his new book, "Meta Human: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential."

- Jon Decker of Fox News Radio delivers a report on the U.S. targeting Russian actors involved in efforts to influence U.S. elections.

- Former Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has announced this morning that she will once again seek the seat she lost to Anthony Brindisi in 2018. We speak with a Professor of Government at Utica College, Luke Perry, on how's Tenney's announcement reshapes the race and sets up a 4-way GOP primary.

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