Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Processed and red meats cause cancer? So says a new study. So why don't they ban it?

Who will be the President of the United States in one week and one year? We all give our best guesses.

Gas prices are dropping lower, a legislator proposes restricting cigarette sales to those 21 and older, and we now have a 'Utica' CBS affiliate.

Utica councilman Ed Bucciero is seeking re-election to his council-at-large seat.

7 AM Hour

Is Gelston Castle haunted? Bill Schmelcher brings in some interesting audio.

Lt. Steve Hauck says the UPD is getting a new piece of equipment today

Leon and Romy will be at Turning Stone for a special Christmas Show. Leon is in to talk about it

Utica council candidate Doug Joslin has been charged with stalking. He's in studio and wants to talk about it.

8 AM Hour

We respond to criticism for having Doug Joslin on. Plus, Rome Mayoral Candidate Jackie Izzo

Herkimer County Sheriff's Candidate Dan Reardon is in studio. He recently received the endorsement of the union at Remington Arms. Adam LaVenture from Remington joins us on the phone.

Steak and vodka! Cindy Chan-Phillips from the NYS Beef Council reacts to the study that says processed meats and red meat cause cancer.

Gene Marra from the Cooperstown Distillery brings in some Cooperstown Vodka...and Gin...and Bourbon.

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