Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- We are on day 2 of the weight loss challenge and this will go on for 7 weeks. Andrew is feeling really confident.

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

- EJ Manuel is out and Kyle Orton is in. He will be the starting quarterback for the remainder of the season and we will speak with Mark Kelso later on this morning to talk about it.

- Senator Joe Griffo will be on later this morning to discuss the possibility of a casino being built in Seneca County which may hurt the Turning Stone and definitely effect Vernon Downs.

- The Kansas City Chiefs have re-took the Guinness Record for loudest stadium. The Seattle Seahawks took the title from them last year.


- Watch Plate Night on our website and you may have the chance to win dinner for two at a restaurant from one of the episodes in our VIP Club.

- In Hong Kong the people there are allowed to vote but only for the candidates the government chooses. Will this be another situation like Tiananmen Square?

- Chelsea Clinton has had a baby and that is why she has left NBC. It may also be because Hillary is considering a run for President.

- There is a poll out now that shows what Republicans feel about Eric Holder.

- Hamilton College officials have announced that in order to get tickets to see Derek Jeter speak as part of the Great Names series. Tickets will be available tomorrow on the Great Names website:

- We discuss how his coming to Hamilton College will open a new chapter for that Great Names series, since it has been mostly political figures in the past.


- There is a restaurant in Louisiana that will give you a discount if you bring a gun to dinner with you.

- We discuss the terrible service of Time Warner cable. There is someone now who is paid a bunch of money to fix a customer service problem.

- Bill explains the alternatives to cable including Apple TV.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- We speak with Ray Stagich about the weather forecast for the week and into the weekend. It will be pretty decent today and the next few days, but it's going to cool down to around 50 for the weekend.


- We continue discussion on the weight loss challenge and how long it will be. We also take a couple more guesses.


- Mark Allen called into a radio show in Australia to do an interview and while on the air, he crashed his car.

- Two British kids went into the Apple Store and tried to bend the iPhone 6 and broke them.

Yvonne McClusky - North Utica Senior Center

- Yvonne is on to promote a dinner for Rob Esche.

- Yvonne talks about our weight loss challenge and offers us a membership until November so we can work out free of charge there.

- On November 1st, 2014 the North Utica Senior Center will honor Rob Esche at a special dinner. Tickets are available for the dinner. To get them call: 724 2430. There will be raffles and other great goodies including open bar for an hour.

Hank Brown - Over 50 Years of Broadcasting

- This coming Thursday at the Stanley Theatre, Hank will be honored for his over 50 years of broadcasting here in Central New York.

- Hank believes that Andrew will win the weight loss competition because Bill loves his sweets and deserts, according to Hank.

- We discuss with Hank his resume and his remembrance of some of his memories. Hank also discusses Twist-A-Rama, which was on TV.

- Bill calls up to talk to Hank.

Mark Kelso - Buffalo Bills

- Mark is on today to discuss the move from EJ Manuel to Kyle Orton. Mark believes that the formula for success for the team is not what they did last week. He feels they have to throw 25 times and run 40.

- Mark believes that Kyle Orton has played some good games in his career, but he thinks that this performance may not have been entirely his fault.

- They need to have a healthy running game and have EJ throw when he needs to and rely on the run. This past Sunday, that got flipped.

- Kelso believes that Kyle Orton is a good mentor for Manuel, but he believes that Manuel is the guy for the job for the future. He was actually very surprised by the move.

- He talks about the pressure that the coaching staff may feel.


- We discuss the specifics of the weight loss challenge and we decided the person who loses the most weight by November 10th is the winner. The person who guesses the winner and the correct amount of weight lost will win the $500 prize. The 2nd and 3rd place finisher will have to donate $50 and $100 to the Toy Drive and do something else to be decided by listeners.

Senator Joe Griffo - In Studio

- We start things off by discussing the possibility of having an open mic in the studio so that during the breaks things will go out over the air.

- The real reason Senator Griffo is here is to discuss the possibility of Seneca County building a casino close to the Turning Stone.

- Senator Griffo believes the gaming commission should take a step back and see how things will run on a smaller scale.

- We don't want to end up like Atlantic City and have casinos go up like pharmacies and have them close down.

Lt. Steve Hauck and Lt. Dan Marcou

- We have the two lieutenants in to talk about the "use of force" with police agencies.

- Lt. Marcou talks about the fact that police "use of force" wouldn't be necessary if people in their communities were to realize that Police are on the home team.

- We ask Lt. Marcou about the situation in Ferguson and how he would handle it. He makes the point that police do not pursue color, but criminality. In Ferguson, it was a "use of force" case where something happened and we still don't know all the details.

- Lt. Steve Hauck weighs in on the discussion.

- Bill asks Lt. Marcou about whether or not it's one-sided when it comes to police officers. Is there also some inappropriate actions taken by law enforcement?

Frank Meola - Utica Council President

- Frank responds to Mr. Vescera's claim that Mr. Meola was not giving them a chance. Frank Meola believes that if they had gone door to door it would have been different.

- We talk about the Independence Party endorsement issues and the court decision about that.

- Frank admits that he has made mistakes in the past and he has learned from them and wants to go forward and make positive changes on what he can do now and works hard with the mayor.

- Mr. Meola clarifies what he said about Mr. Vescera being illegitimate. Frank Meola also addresses the controversy between Mr. Vescera and Joe Marino.

Wrapping Things Up With Senator Griffo and Councilman Meola

- Senator Joe Griffo has an event coming up and we'll talk about that soon.

- We talk about the "reality show" feel that there is to Utica Politics.

- Frank Meola believes that there are good things happening in Utica. The city is moving forward and he loves being there. His motivation is to make right things that have happened in his past.

- Not to Senator Griffo's Event: Senator Joe Griffo is having a recycling event in Rome. It will be at the Westgate Shopping Center. You can bring confidential documents, paper, old electronics, and old prescription medications. It doesn't have to be just Rome residents. The event is this Saturday.

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