Wednesday August 13th, 2014
WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Robin Williams
Hometown of the Day: Dolgeville
Newsmaker of the Day: Lauren Bacall
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***Today’s Topics***


- We play audio from the press conference revealing the cause of Robin William's death and some reporters ask some ridiculous questions.

- Shepard Smith had to apologize for calling Robin Williams a coward for killing himself.

- We discuss briefly the mind set of people who commit suicide.


- The zoning board has approved two Stewart's locations both in East Utica and West Utica.

- Ironically, the East Utica Stewart's will be bigger than the originally proposed store by 2,000 square feet.

- Wayne calls in to talk about his experience with depression and anxiety.

- Wayne talks about his good days and bad days and he blames his depression on when he was a pot head.


- Bill gets a comment from someone talking about how some celebrities use this event to get some media attention.

- We talk about how when someone passes, everyone all of a sudden loves them.

- We talk about Robin Williams' extensive film resume.

- Jim Zecca makes comments about the two Stewart's locations.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Rain showers possible for the better part of the rest of the week and we're looking at some cooler weather.

Peter Franklin - The Gabby Cabby

- Peter Franklin lets us in on a secret, Andrew Cuomo is Jewish.

- We discuss the lifestyle of the hasidic Jew.

- We talk about Reverend Al Sharpton and Peter gives us the truth about Reverend Al Sharpton.


- We discuss the fact that Glenn Beck has been crying a lot and how he can trip the "Off-The Air" alert with his long pauses.

- Stewart's is one step closer to having two locations in Utica.

- A Dolgeville man whose daughter passed away in a hot car death will not face charges due to the fact the evidence shows no criminal activity.

- Lauren Becall is another celebrity who has passed away from a stroke.

- There is a new method to kill flies.

Chuck Marshall - Stewart's Shops

- The Zoning Board approved use variances for the two proposed locations.

- There were some people that had to be escorted out of the meeting during Chuck's presentation because they were being disruptive.

- Chuck confirms that the store itself at both locations will be bigger then originally proposed.

- When the Council voted against the store, they prevented the landscaping buffer.

- Chuck personally thinks the 4-pump plan originally proposed, was the most sensitive to the neighbors need.

- We ask Chuck about the timeline of these stores being built and the demolition and environmental clean up will take place this year.

- Stewart's always knew they could get the use variance, but they decided to go to the council first to be sensitive to the neighborhood.

- Chuck will bring a milkshake in for everyone in the studio once the machine is in Utica.

- He also wants to thank most city officials for working with him.

Robert Geer - SUNY IT President

- We ask Robert about the progress at Utica Nano and Quad-C. The facilities continue to be closer to completion everyday.

- The building is a 200,000 square feet building. It's the only clean room in the nation that is stacked. The building is $125,000,000, but the real cost is the equipment within. The building is set to be completed in December.

- We address the concerns of the difference between manufacturing and installation. He explains what is going to happen at Quad-C, including stacking which is making small computer chips smarter.

- The SUNY IT campus is going to be going hand in hand with the Marcy Nano Center.

- We ask Mr. Geer about the new name for SUNY IT, as a result of the merger with Albany Nano. It will be two campus under one name and it will be great for the students.

- What's happening a SUNY IT is totally unique to anything else in the country.

-Assemblyman Butlercalls in to try and clarify the fact of what is going to happen at the Quad-C location.

- Mr. Geer clears up the confusion about what is going on at Nano. It is the cutting edge technology happening right here. It's not a step down, it's a big step up!

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

- Shepard Smith apologized yesterday about calling Robin Williams a coward.

- Later on we will speak with Cassandra Sheets about suicide prevention.

- Andrew shares his story with us.

Cassandra Sheets - Executive Director of Center for Family Life & Recovery

- Cassandra talks about Warning Signs and the effect stories like Andrew's have.

- Cassandra reiterates the fact that depression is a real disease, just like medical illnesses.

- There are more warning signs than not.

- One of the big warning signs is if someone who used to go out and do things a lot all of a sudden stops, you may want to stay persistent and get to the bottom of it.

- If someone is having the feelings of depression you can call the Center for Family Life & Recovery at 733-1709. The website is Another emergency number is 732-6228.


- Andrew's Mom calls in to talk about her perspective on this situation. William also calls in.

If anyone you know is having negative thoughts or you may suspect something speak up. The National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.

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