Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio is on to talk about the commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death and the vigil in Graceland.

7 AM Hour

- John Zogby of Zogby Strategies joins us to talk about the impact of Trump's controversial statements.

- Utica Councilman Joe Marino is on this morning to discuss the bill he introduced to bring more high paying jobs to the city.

8 AM Hour

- Mary Pratt is an Oneida County Legislator who is running for re-election against Don Backman. She tells us why people should vote her in again and we ask her for her take on a number of issues.

- We talk with Ryan Nobles of CNN. He is the Washington Correspondent and we get his take on the President's controversial comments.

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