Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

6 AM Hour

Jeb Bush is endorsing Ted Cruz.  In Tuesday's primaries Bernie Sanders won the caucuses in Odaho and Utah.  Hillary Clinton won Arizona.  The GOP contests were held only in Arizona and Utah.


Bernie Sanders is the winner of two out of three Democratic nominating contests.  The Vermont Senator finished ahead of Hillary Clinton in the Utah and Idaho caucuses, while the former Secretary of State won the Arizona primary Tuesday.  Only Arizona and Utah held Republican contests.  Frontrunner Donald Trump won the Arizona primary and Texas Senator Ted Cruz is running away with the Utah caucuses.

Caller Pat from Utica takes issue with comments made by local Congressional candidate Steven Wells.  He also says - somewhat sarcastically - that Donald Trump is his man.

Kitty Logan joins us from Fox News to talk about the situation in Brussels.

Keeler prepares for his sleep study.

Listener Earnie wrote a song for Kristine.  Bill composed something around Earnie's lyrics.  Kristine says she is worried; she has not yet seen the lyrics or heard the song.

The Utica Comets games continue to sell out at the Utica Memorial Auditorium.

Hulk Hogan speaks out about his successful lawsuit against Gawker.

Jimmy Kimmel Live did a montage of Donald Trump using the word "love."

Former Toronoto Mayor Rob Ford passed away yesterday.


Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Rachael Witter says the forecast is "complicated" over the next few days.

Many schools are giving Monday off because of unused snow days.

Keeler plays some quotes from the late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

A rare Beatles album that has been missing for decades sold for $110,000 at an auction yesterday.  It featured "Hello, Little Girl," by John Lennon.

Keeler debuts Earnie's Kristine song, "All the Cats Get Their News from Sweet Little Kristine."

Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, is on.  He is "the last English-speaking cab driver in New York."  He talks about the heightened state of alert in New York, the New York primaries.  Of Bernie Sanders he says, "Liberal New Yorkers who talk a great game run away to places like Vermont to get away from disagreeable elements..."  Another study says that most of the country's millionaires are in New York.  "We've got all the money, Baby."  Of President Barack Obama being in Cuba, Franklin says he thinks that the whole thing is terrible.  "We don't get anything out of the deal, as Trump would say," he says.  And only peeled oranges can be sold in New York.  Kristine refers to the real, pre-colored Easter eggs now available in stores.


7 AM Hour


Keeler plays "Inspirational Noise," a new song for the Utica Comets by Street Rock Mafia (@streetrockmafia) that was inspired by the 2015 Calder Cup Finals.  The song features contributions by Darren Archibald and Mark Caswell, Jr.  Yes, they're making "noise" in the song.

Is binge watching good for you?  Dr. Albert Pang says it is not good for you... "One thing for sure is that it's bad for the eyes."

Andrew is playing "Steven Avery" on the Kidd Chris Show in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Yes, they are in on the joke.

Happy birthday to:

  • Robbyn Appler from Whitestown
  • Robert Baker from Schuyler

Congratulations to Robbyn Appler who wins the birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica!


8 AM Hour

Sarah Palin is getting a deal.  She will be hosting a show with the working title "Wasilla Justice."  Conan O'Brien calls it a Judge Judy-style reality show.  Jimmy Kimmel poked fun of it as well.

A person who had an argument at a restaurant allegedly brought a 13-foot-long python into the restaurant.  Keeler reminisces about the time that the show brought a bunch of rattlesnakes in studio.  Keeler said that he would have died at the restaurant and Monaski would have run.

WIBX post June 12, 2013
WIBX post June 12, 2013


The Library of Congress is adding two dozen songs to the National Recording Registry.

Mixed martial arts was passed in the New York State Assembly last night.  The bill has, for years, been passed in the state Senate.  New York Senator Joseph Griffo joined us to discuss about the bill's passage and its expected fate when it hits Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk.  "Just to get it to the floor was a big victory."  MMA would be regulated by the New York State Athletic Commission, which does this for professional boxing and wrestling as well.  Locally UFC fighters Matt Hamill and Jon "Bones" Jones have been  ambassadors of sorts for the sport.  A bout at Madison Square Garden is being planned.  Utica will host a bout as well.  Griffo says that Rob Esche is expecting it at the Utica Memorial Auditorium.

Rosie O'Donnell has a brother in the New York State Assembly.  During debate on the floor of the New York State Assembly yesterday, Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell claimed that MMA is "like gay porn with a different ending."

National security expert Chris Copeland is on discussing the situation in Brussels and how terrorism has changed our lives, particularly in New York.  Of our response he says that we are "pretty good at it, but it only takes one miss."

Attorney Joseph Hobika is in studio.  He was contemplating a trip to Europe and now says that he is seriously reconsidering it.

26-Year-old Fernando de Jesus Diaz Besto was shot and killed.  His body was preserved;  and he sat up and "attended" his funeral.  This is apparently somethign that is done all over the world.  Should Keeler preserve his body?

Fox News' Eben Brown joins us to talk about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's life and death.  Ford did recover from his addictions, Brown says, and tried to return to public service.  even his detractors say that he was "one of the most dedicated mayors" Toronto has ever seen.  Brown says that Ford was also "an almost Reagan-esque fiscal conservative."

Hobika is not too happy with Keeler's revision of the Free Money Question of the Day contest.  We're giving away more of Hobika's money.  Joe says, "What?!"

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is on to talk about MMA.  Assemblywoman Deborah Glick referenced our show on the floor of the Assembly during the mixed martial arts debate, saying that she was treated fairly and with respect by WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning despite the fact that she had a dissenting minority opinion in the vote.

During the debate Brindisi said that there is a misconception regarding MMA fighters using drugs and being abusers.  He said that the fighters with whom he is acquainted are good citizens.  He said if you want to see lawmakers you should look around the floor of the Assembly.

Brindisi spoke highly of Republican Senator Joseph Griffo, who has been working for the legalization of MMA in New York for more than seven years.  The New York State Athletic Commission now has 120 days to develop regulations for the sport.

Tom from Frankfort answers the following question. "What color is Joe Hobika's yellow tie?"  Amazingly, Tom wins $100 in the Free Money Question of the Day.

Ambassador Francis Rooney, the former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See under President George W. Bush, is on talking about the situation     His role as Ambassador to the Vatican included meeting with the Secretary of State's office there to promote understanding of America's values.  He is the author of "The Global Vatican."  He says that the Obama administration's response to Iraq and Syria has been "vapid."  He says that the only policy there that makes sense is General Colin Powell's doctrine of overwhelming force.  Of Donald Trump he says that the candidate is reflecting the same anger that is felt by so many Americans.  He does not know if Trump can beat Hillary Clinton.  "The guy's making legitimate points."

Legal Lis Wiehl talks about United States Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland, Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker (and what she thought was the turning point in the case), and the legal raminifcations of terrorists in Brussels.











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