Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Tonya J. Powers from Fox News Radio is on giving us an update on the latest travel ban and 13 Attorneys General writing letters of support for it.

- We talk with Kim Strong about the Utica man who allegedly joked about seasoning a skinned puppy for cooking.

7 AM Hour

- Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush calls in to discuss the State budget and concerns he has.

- John Zogby is on this morning to talk about his latest column about the possibility of a bipartisan Trump. He indicates that as a question in his latest headline.

- We meet the Utica man who put out a Facebook Live video telling people he was cooking a dog. We learned from him that it was a lamb and he did the video simply as a social experiment. It worked. He admits to have a love of cooking and dogs.

8 AM Hour

- We speak with Ryan Nobles, CNN Washington Correspondent, on the latest from Washington this week.

- Shelly Callahan from the Mohawk Valley Center for Refugees is on this morning talking about the need for funding locally and from the state.

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