Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


6 AM Hour

Is there an insurrection happening at the radio station?  The price of soda in the soda machine went back down to $1.25 a bottle.  Is this the station's Trump/Sanders moment?

Donald Trump won the GOP primaries in Michigan, Mississippi, and took the caucuses in Ted Cruz took Idaho.  Hawaii.  Bernie Sanders won Michigan and Hillary Clinton took Mississippi.  If Marco Rubio does not win Florida everyone agrees he should step aside.

What happens if Trump becomes President?  Well, there may be more pitches ahead.  He promoted his products last night.

Singer Ryan Quinn performed at a local bar a year ago and Andrew has tracked him down.  We hope to speak with him this morning.

The weather is very spring-like.  Daylight Saving Time goes into effect this weekend.

Hulk Hogan's lawsuit continues.  The size of a man's...hand...continues to take center stage.  Bubba "The Love Sponge" is accused of having a relationship with Hogan's wife.  Gawker is being sued over their use of a sex tape.

A reporter was almost hit by a car during a live report.

George Martin, known as "The Fifth Beatle," has passed at the age of 90.

Kristine does the news.  In Gallgher-esque fashion, Keeler interrupts her newscast, as we take a call from "Steven Avery."  He says he may move to Utica, New York.  "Avery" says he is having french toast for breakfast.  Keeler asks him if filet on focaccia is on the menu for lunch

We determine that none of us know anything about the Olympics or figure skating.

We speak with the Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin.


7 AM Hour

We continue our discussion of figure skating.

Tom Loughlin calls in to talk about what we are now calling "bopping" in the primary system.  He gives an extreme example of an open party primary system, "Grrrrrrr."

Jason Osborn, former Senior Consultant for Carson for President, walks with us about the election.  This year's race has really changed the face of politics, giving grassroots politics a higher footing in the national conversation.  He says, "The establishment really isn't able to provide that base..."

We meet Clinton native and current Westmoreland resident Ryann Quinn, a four chair-turner on NBC's The Voice.  We find out that, not only is he incredibly talented, but he is a nice guy as well.


8 AM Hour

We speak with Judy Weeks about this weekend's Saint Patrick's Day parade in Utica, New York.

Kevin Green is the Oneida County Youth Bureau director.  He says that they workd diligently to give youth, and particularly troubled youth, the opportunity to succeed in life.  he will be participating in Community Reader Day with County Executive Tony Picente.

Green, a former baseball player who is also a Notre Dame High School alum, is also a coach in New Hartford.  Kevin Green became a two-time All American, was drafter in 1995.  A Florida Marlin, he was the last local guy to play for the Utica Blue Sox.




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