Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- Rome School Budget voted down by an overwhelming margin. Jeff Simons, Superintendent, was confident but the people of Rome were not.

- The New York Mills budget was passed by a narrow margin and the one interesting story to come out of New York Mills is 18-year-old Jonathon Fiore who is a student at Mills and has been elected to the school board.

- A mayor in California is fed up with bullying and what the term has become. He tells his council members in a meeting that people need to "grow a pair."



- Season allergies are causing Bill a lot of sneezing and sinus woes.

- We will talk to Senator Joe Griffo about his wanting to ban powdered alcohol. Some are against it being banned.

- Kids are sharing food in schools and making their own decisions everyday and at some point it's out of the parents hands.

- In regards to powdered alcohol, it could potentially be dangerous, however that may not be the reason to ban it.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his daily forecast!


- Andrew bought a new Kayak and that reminds us of Celine Dion's kayak speech after Hurricane Katrina.

- Linda calls in to discuss powdered alcohol and prescription drugs.

Chrissie Finn - Luge-A-Palooza

- Before we got to Chrissie, we continued the bullying discussion and how broad the bully spectrum has become.

- We talked about where we were when Erin Hamlin won her medal.

- Luge-A-Palooza is an all day parade and train ride meet-n-greet. There will be floats in the parade that will be judged. It will be a contest.

- Qualities that it takes to be great is a big part of the contest.

Jonathon Fiore - NY Mills School Board Member

Jonathon Fiore
Jonathon Fiore

- Jonathon is 18 years old and he is one of the newest members of the New York Mills School Board.

- He can't believe that this happened.

- He saw an opportunity to get involved with a school that has given so much to him and wanted to give back to his community.

- He has no intention to go into this position with an agenda. He has an open mind.

- His phone was blowing up last night with all the congratulations and support.

- His aspirations include a 5-year accounting degree from Utica College, Law School, and maybe politics.

Congressman Richard Hanna - Remington Arms

- Hanna starts out the discussion addressing the issue of the lines of firearms that are being moved from Ilion, all of which are illegal in New York. He also talked about the line of magazines that are being moved as well.

- No signs that more lines will be cut and as far as Hanna is concerned, it's not Remington unless it's made in Ilion.

- New York is a tough state to do business including taxes, bureaucracy, etc.

- The lines moving to Huntsville was a surprise.

- He's working hard to help Central New York businesses strive and survive.

- Hanna speaks out pretty passionately about 2nd amendment rights.

- New bill passed to help water ways and bodies of water and it will help the Great Lakes drastically.

Canal Side Inn - Next Plate Night Episode

- The next episode of Plate Night will premiere tomorrow at Noon! Don't miss it on our website!

Dr. Sue Decotiis - Alcohol and Weight Gain

- Not only does alcohol give you empty calories but it prevents your stomach and body from absorbing nutrients.

- Don't drink alcohol with mixers, especially premixed mixers. Make sure you have some food already in your system. Alternate in between alcoholic drinks a glass of water or club soda.

- When you drink diets tend to fail, because you feel loose and easy. That's when you go for the wings, pizza, etc.

- Moderation is important and you can always mix drinks with natural ingredients like mint and soda water.

- To Boost your metabolism you need to exercise and drinking green tea helps as well.

- Dr. Decotiis helps Bill with his Crestor and Cholesterol problem.

- Visit Dr. Decotiis' website

Lou Calls In And Sparks A Huge Debate

- Lou was calling to respond to the comments of Richard Hanna in regards to the SAFE Act and Remington Arms. He believes that the SAFE Act is not the reason for Remington discontinuing lines in Ilion.

- Many people called to disagree with him.

Chuck, Denise, Tom, and Brian Call In

- Many listeners called in to debate Lou on this issue and fact check each other. The gun debate is always a big one.

Senator Joe Griffo - "Palcohol Ban"

- Senator Joe Griffo wants to ban powdered alcohol because of the potential dangers and misuse that could occur and according to Senator Griffo, will occur.

- Bill does not agree. He feels that we shouldn't ban things that "could" be potentially dangerous or misused.

- Bill and Senator Griffo agree to disagree.

That's It For Us Have A Great Day!

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