Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

6 AM Hour

We're hearing a lot about he Chadwicks church at the center of a 19-year-old's beating death, but finding hard information about the group has been difficult.

Word of Life Church continued.

  Caller Mary on last night's Democratic presidential debate, plus, she weighs in on religion and marriage

Peter Franklin The Gabby Cabby

7 AM Hour

Caller Barb has a suggestion for Keeler on the Chadwicks story. And, we hear from FOX's Tonya J. Powers on Playboy's chance in direction

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Adam Schoop owns the Willowvale Diner in Chadwicks. What has heard about the Word of Life Church

Keeler's thought's on last night's Democratic presidential debate

8 AM Hour

Congressman Richard Hanna: Who will the next Speaker of the House be?

Mets and Dodgers will go to five games. The Cubs advance after knocking off the Cardinals.

Legal Lis has more crazy stories from the legal world

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