Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

On today's show we spoke with Bruce Karam about the fate of the extended school day in Utica and Anthony Picente about his endorsement of Governor Cuomo.

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***Today’s Topics***


- The Kansas City Royals lose game 1 of the World Series to the San Francisco Giants with a score of 7-1.

- It's the home opener for the Utica Comets and Bill gives us a little insight into the new exclusive club for about 50 members. It's a lottery selection with a $500 membership fee. You pay for your drinks and food at the end of the month.

- Anthony Picente is in a commercial for Andrew Cuomo and shows his endorsement. Does this mean because his lead in the polls over Astorino are dwindling? Bill doesn't believe so. He believes Cuomo wants to "Crush."

Here Is The Commercial


- Tim calls in to give his opinion on the fact that Picente appeared in a Cuomo commercial.

- For More Information on Picente Crossing Party Lines:


- Negative comments continue to pour in over Picente endorsing Governor Cuomo.

- We talk about a story of the man who beat a burglar to death with a baseball bat.

Peter Franklin - Gabby Cabby

- Peter Franklin delivers his True Tales from NYC every Wednesday!

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- We review the report of the Rochester man who beat a burglar to death with a baseball bat.

- A guy in Florida is facing felony charges for picking up 244 political signs in his neighborhood.

- CNN was run out of Ferguson, Missouri. Protestors got so upset with them, that they surrounded Don Lemon and were screaming over the news report, forcing them to leave.

Free Money Question of the Day #1

- Empire Brewing Company in Syracuse is being sued by Lucas Films for their beer "Empire Strikes Bock."

- Our first contestant of the day is Dan from Clinton. His question was: There were two of every animal on Noah's Ark. How many people were on the Ark? Dan guessed two pairs (4) and that was incorrect. The correct answer was 8. He still wins dinner for 2 at Carmella's.

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  • Maxwell Heintz from Whitesboro
  • Ceil Lupinski from New York Mills
  • Dawn Oble from Utica
  • Adele Dokaj

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Bruce Karam - Superintendent of The Utica School District

- We have Superintendent Karam on to talk about why they are turning down the Extended School Day Grant.


- We continue to discuss Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente's endorsement of Governor Andrew Cuomo. We read social media comments and take calls.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente

- We have the County Executive on today to discuss his appearance in the most recent Andrew Cuomo political advertisement.

Mark Caswell Jr. - Utica Comets Director of Communications

- Before talking with Mark, Paul calls up to comment on the Anthony Picente topic.

- Mark Caswell is on to talk about the home opener for the Utica Comets tonight and all the improvements that have been made to the AUD.

- Frank Cristiano also joins the conversation to encourage people who didn't get a ticket to the game, to go to his place Tony's AUDelicious right across the street. They will have the game streaming on their big screen TVs.

Free Money Question of the Day #2

- Before we talk to Mark, Bob calls in to comment on the Anthony Picente endorsing Cuomo.

- We do another Free Money Question of the Day and the contestant is Al from Utica. The question was...50% of Americans live within 50 miles of what? The answer was birthplace, Al guessed work, he still wins dinner at Carmella's.