If you're having trouble keeping the kids active as we head toward summer, or if you're a high school student trying to stay fit because youth sports are on hold, the Boilermaker is offering a free Virtual Summer Camp.

Because of the ongoing pandemic and associated restrictions, the 'virtual' camp will be replacing the Boilermaker's usual Kids In Training running program this year, according to race officials.

“So many activities, including our own Kids in Training after school running program, were wiped out from the current spring school session. Our hope is that we can provide a simple pathway for parents to get their children engaged and moving this summer in a safe, controlled manner,'' Mark Donovan, Boilermaker president said in a news release announcing the initiative.

There is no-cost for the six-week program, which begins July 6th.  Officials say each week participants will be emailed a physicial activies plan that is simple enough to be self-directed, or overseen by a parent or guardian.

The activities plan will be split into a K-thru-6th grade group and a 7th-thru-12th grade group. After the six-weeks, participants can run a 'virtual race' - giving them an opportunity to run a specific distance on their own time and schedule between August 15th and 31st.

While it is a virutal program, officials say space is limited. Sign up at Boilermaker.com

This year's Boilermaker was set for Sunday, July 12. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, race officials have postponed the 15k and 5k races with hopes of running both on September 13.



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