The mystery of a generator-run traffic signal on Baldwin Street in Johnson City which few officials seemed to know about is solved.

A giant back-hoe in the middle of the north-bound lane just north of the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks is an obvious clue.

The lights, which were blinking yellow for a few days were in full cycle September 5, directing alternating traffic in the region of the development of a housing and retail facility in an old Endicott Johnson warehouse.

The back-hoe has dug a deep hole next to the curb and Johnson City Director of Public Service, Bob Bennett says it's the first part of a three-part project to separate storm sewer from sanitary sewer, lessening some flow to the Joint Sewage Treatment Plant.

The full-cycle temporary traffic light is expected to operate all next week then a flagger will control traffic in the area when the street is being repaved.

The alternating lane stops could cause a bit of a backup south toward Grand Avenue and north toward Corliss Avenue.


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