With one of the largest social media followings of law enforcement agencies in the United States, New York State Police are turning to social media in an effort to try to solve cold cases.

Troopers Jack Keller and Natalie Bochino joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning on Wednesday to talk about the 1958 murder of Ernest Chaney, then 63 years old.

Although State Police say they have been following several leads over the course of decades, they are hoping that social media will help them reach a new potential witness, or perhaps even the murderer, in the now decades-old cold case.

"We sat down and decided that we have the possibility of reaching more people," Trooper Keller says, after realizing the NYSP's prominence on social media - particularly Facebook - and "...(launched) this 'Cold Case Tuesday' program to generate, hopefully, more leads on these types of investigations.

Trooper Keller says that, although they realize that the case is sixty years old, he is hopeful that someone who may have been holding onto information for so many years will now come forward.  He says that the Chaney case is the NYSP's oldest cold case in Oneida County.

He says also that he hopes that it may help to solve other cold cases.

He says that many people do not realize that there is no statute of limitations on homicide and murder and he hopes to be able to bring some closure to the family of Mr. Chaney.

Anyone with information is asked to (315) 366.6000.


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