Sometimes something may sound too good to be true. In this case for one Waterville store, it is way more than a fantasy, It is a reality for many in need.

Many have felt the blow of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 as well when it comes to trying to stay above water. That feeling is stressful enough for any human being, then add being a parent with young children into the mix and it is even harder. One store is truly looking to eliminate that worry when it comes to young children going without necessities. The Pass It On Store.

When you check out the Facebook page, you cannot help but smile at the mission this non-profit organization is accomplishing. They are making sure babies do not have to go without diapers and toddlers do not have to go without clothes. They say on the It Takes a Village Diaper Bank Facebook page that life is hard enough, it should not ever have to be hard for a child.

Basically, the store is operating with a take a penny, leave a penny type system. All they ask is to pay or donate what you can, but also take what you need. They aren't picky about who they help, anyone who in any way helps in the care of a child from infant to 4T is encouraged to check out The Pass It On Store.

This is something way more people need to know about. There are many people who may be struggling, and a store like this could be very life-changing.

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