Oneida County Republicans have a final candidate to take the position of Commissioner of the Board of Elections, according to Pete Sobel, Oneida County Republican Chair.

Nichole Shortell of Camden, was approved by the executive committee and will now go before the full Republican Committee, for approval. Once approved by the party, her nomination will move forward to the Legislature for approval. Shortell is currently the GOP Chairman for Camden.

Sobel told WIBX that seven candidates screened for the position, and it was reported that five of those candidates removed themselves from consideration at one point last week.

Once approved by the Legislature, Shortell will join Sarah Bormann of Vernon, the Democratic chairperson who was announced last week. Shortell and Bormann will replace Rose Grimaldi (R) and Carolann Cardone (D) who resigned after several officials publicly called for their removal following mistakes and missteps during the 2020 race for Congress in the 22nd Congressional District.

"Nichole is a fine candidate and has all of the qualities of the commissioner that we're looking for," said Sobel. "We think she'll do a fine job and be a fit for that position," he added. The position pays just over $8,700 annually.

Sobel was a guest on WIBX's Keeler in the Morning program on Monday.


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