There's good new for local illusionists Leone Etienne and Romy Low.  The nationally televised program they appeared on last week turned out to be the highest rated for the CW in that time slot in nearly 5 years.

Leon and Romy took on the challenge of fooling Penn and Teller on their new TV show, "Fool Us."  Illusionists and magicians have to perform a trick in front of the legendary duo and they advance on the program if Penn and Teller can't figure out how they did the trick.

Etienne and Low performed a card trick using a skate boarder from Las Vegas and the trick actually fooled the experts.  Because the judges were stumped, the local duo will get to go back and perform at the Penn and Teller Theatre in Vegas.

According to TV By the Numbers, nearly 2 (m) million people watch the episode, the largest in that time slot for CW since 2010.  The episode was also the highest ever rated show for Penn and Teller since its debut.

Overall, it was the CW's highest rated Monday of the summer.

“CNY went crazy when we were on America’s Got Talent, bombarding both NBC’s and Howard Stern’s Social Media with messages to bring us back as the wildcard, and it worked," said Etienne.  "Now, we have absolute faith that our fans in CNY helped to skyrocket Monday nights ratings of Penn & Teller: Fool Us!”

Leon and Romy will continue to tour inside and out of the United States.  Their next appearance near home won't come until December, when they're scheduled to perform at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino.