The son of NY-22nd Representative Claudia Tenney received a surprise phone call from President Trump recently.

Tenney shared the news on social media and talked about the occasion while appearing Fox News over the weekend.

Wayne 'Trey' Cleary III is a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps who is preparing to deploy to Iraq.

''It was just so wonderful of Senator Perdue to say to the President, 'Hey, Congresswoman Tenney's son is a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps, he's deploying very soon to Iraq and Kuwait, is there anyway she could get an autograph from you'. And, I pulled out a piece of stationary that I had in my backpack and [Trump] said 'Absolutely.' Then, he said, 'Can I call him?'

''My son afterward...was stunned. It was just a wonderful moment,'' Tenney said. ''It was just so thoughtful.''

During her appearance on FOX, Tenney also discussed the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, saying Democrats in Congress have said 'If you replaced Obamacare with Obamacare, we would still vote no because it's a Republican initiative.'

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