Everyone who's from the Utica area knows the impact that Rainbow Young had on our community. He was the unofficial mayor of Utica and one of our most favorite musicians. Sadly, earlier this year, he relocated to New York City to find deeper happiness than Utica could provide him.

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We saw him regularly out and about here in different parts of Utica, with his guitar or some other instrument, jamming out and singing music. Now, he's meeting some of the world's most famous musicians and is being featured in music videos.

That's right. Our very own Rainbow Young is in an upcoming music video for rapper French Montana. He has a song titled "Yes I Do" that is coming today, and Rainbow makes an appearance in the video.

There's no word on how Rainbow specifically made his way into the video. It looks like they feature people from in and around New York City. It's awesome to see a familiar face.

French Montana is known for many songs, one of them being "Unforgettable" which you may recognize when you listen below:

It's good to see that Rainbow is thriving in his new surroundings. Remember when our community came together to gift him a new accordion after being assaulted with his own accordion being destroyed? I love that we all came together to help him after some people decided to be so cruel.

When the full length music video comes out, we'll be sure to update this post with the link.

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