Rattlesnake Dave Richardson - the best venomous snake performer in the United States today, is a native of East Syracuse, New York and has been handling Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes for over twenty years.

He is often asked “How many times have you been bitten?“ “Never!“ is his reply, and that is ONE of a number of reasons why he is the best venomous snake performer in the country!  With over 20 years of performing rattlesnake shows, he has the same insurance company he had from day one, which reflects an excellent safety record.  He’s never had a rattlesnake escape or had anyone that worked with him ever been bitten.  No one has ever been put in danger.That’s why he’s the BEST!  Crowds LOVE the show! He’s entertained hundreds of thousands of people all over the country.Traveling thousands of miles a year to state and county fairs and sport shows all over the country, provides wonderful venues for Rattlesnake Dave to shine as a showman and an expert on Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes.  His shows draw crowds with standing room only. Rattlesnake Dave gets everybody laughing with his quick wit and dry sense of humor. He carefully handles the venomous snakes that he has taken hundreds of hours to tame.  His half hour shows are filled with fang showing, tubing the snakes, educating crowds with the unique facts about the snakes, funny stories, and showing snakes popping balloons at 125-150 MPH.Topping his shows off,  Rattlesnake Dave reaches the crowds with a powerful Anti-drug message which targets the audience to “Never do illegal drugs.“

Dave's wesbite is: http://www.davesrattlers.com/.  If you would like to reach him via telephone you can call: (315) 256.2452.