This Halloween, technology will assist some parents when it comes to 'Trick or Treat' safety.  A number of smart phone apps are available for either free or under $3 that use the GPS function on the phone to warn parents if they're in the neighborhood where a registered sex offender lives.

One app called 'Offenders' from Life 360 shows the actual residence of the registered sex offender and includes the address and a photo of the individual.

There are several of these apps to choose from in the Apple App Store and the Android market place.

Here's a list of some of the apps that are available:

  • The Sex Offender Registry
  • Find Sex Offenders Free
  • Sex Crime Archive
  • Sex Offenders by Log Stat
  • Sex Offender Locator
  • Offender Locator


Below, find video reviews of a few of the apps that are available.