The Chief of Police in Canastota, NY says while he won't call he people responsible for stealing legendary sports memorabilia from the Boxing Hall of Fame 'Professionals,' he does believe they could be a part of organized crime.

Chief Jim Zophy told WIBX's Keeler in the Morning on Tuesday the people who stole the championship belts from the Boxing Hall of Fame recently 'knew what they were doing.'

"The manner in which they got in suggests they've done it before," said Zophy. "Which means they have the though process...they know where to get rid of it."

Police say six belts were stolen from display cases inside the Hall of Fame during the early morning hours of November 5th. Among the items stolen, four belts were removed that belonged to legendary local boxer Carmen Basilio.  Two belts belonging to boer Tony Zale were also stolen.

Zophy said he's enlisted the assistance of the FBI in order to move forward in the investigation.  He believes that this heist might be connected to several others across the country in which sports memorabilia was stolen.

Listen to the complete interview here.