The Travel Channel and Andrew Zimmern are continuing to nibble in Utica.

Television crews were in Utica this week filming future episodes at Bone Yard BBQ - at the corner of Seward Ave and Roosevelt Drive in South Utica - and at the Chesterfield Restaurant, on Bleeker Street in East Utica.

Bone Yard BBQ, South Utica (google maps)

Bone Yard BBQ owner Craig Manderson joined the Keeler in the Morning Show this week, a day after the episode was shot for Zimmern's 'Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations.'

''Utica has enough good Italian food, one thing we don't have is good BBQ but we're changing that,'' Manderson told Keeler, answering why an East Utica Italian would open a BBQ joint.

(Jeff Monaski, WIBX)

Film crews were on site for several hours Tuesday afternoon, he said.

What was the feature dish?

Chicken BBQ and salt potatoes, Manderson said.

''It's a neighborhood place...I don't consider it a bar, although we do serve. It's a place to go and eat, and get something to drink - not a place to drink and get something to eat,'' Manderson said.

And, speaking for excellent East Utica Italian food, Travel Channel crews were filming at Chesterfield Restaurant on Thursday for the show 'The Zimmern List.'

It's not the first time the Travel Channel has paid a visit to the Chesterfield.