Every morning at 7:35, the Keeler Show gives listeners the chance to win $100 in cash from the Hobika Law Firm with our Free Money Question of the Day.

The rules are pretty simple. The contestant gets 7 seconds to answer the question and they must voice the correct answer in its entirety before the buzzer goes off. If they get the answer right, they win $100 from Joseph and Andrew Hobika of the Hobika Law Firm. If they're wrong, they currently receive a free ice cream sundae from Cookies Q and Creamery on North Genesee Street in Utica and a gift card from Boulevard Diner in Whitesboro, as a consolation.

How do you prepare to win? Well, some days it's simple because the answer is part of banter, trivia or a news story at some point during the first 90 minutes of the Keeler Show. Other times the question is based on history or local issues that are part of the region's make up.

Here's how to win and what to expect.

To win, there are a few obstacles listeners must get through.  First, every day we ask for a different caller to earn the right be be that morning's contestant.  On average, caller number five and caller number seven are used most often.

Once you become the correct caller, you wait on hold until Bill takes your call and starts the contest process. He'll read off the question and say "ready go" - which triggers the timer which ticks like a clock for seven seconds until the buzzer goes off.  The contestant's complete answer must be verbalized before the buzzer in order to win.

Keeler often reminds people that if they're unsure of an answer, they're better of blurting out a guess as in the past, people have won by just throwing out an answer. The other tip is not to become nervous and to stay focused on coming up with the best possible answer,

Another way to increase your chances of winning is to study the questions. Here's where we can help you study.

Here are a series of daily questions used in the contest consecutively on a day to day basis. Is there a pattern? Is there a style you can learn from? We hope so, because we love to give Hobika's money away.

Check out these questions and answers from recent contests.


If Rosie was petting Astro, and George was going to work…what are you watching? 

The Jetsons

If you just enjoyed a game of Whif Whaf, what did you play? 

Ping Pong, Table Tennis

This legend made his world debut in “The Wise Little Hen”?

Donald Duck 

What is the name of Alka Seltzer’s mascot.


How much weight can an Arby’s to go bag withstand? 

25 lbs

The world saw the first Ford Bronco in what year?


The Pearl Milling Company created what brand in 1889? 

Aunt Jemima. Pancake mix (The world’s first ready mix)

What year was the Aunt Jemima syrup introduced? 


Which big Fleetwood Mac hit only peaked at #51 on Billboard’s pop charts? 


What Hotel in California inspired a condiment brand name.

Hotel Del Monte (Del Monte Catsup)

Over the weekend, a NY horse won the Belmont Stakes for the first time since 1882. ‘Tiz the Law.  What was the name of the last NY bred horse to win the Belmont? 


Leon Slesinger Productions eventually became what company that worked with Mel Blanc. 

Warner Brothers.

In St. Elmos Fire, what university did they graduate from?

Georgetown  (Joel Schumacher just died)

Name the candidate currently leading the Republican Primary for the 19th Congressional District?  

Ola Hawatmeh

You finish the lyrics: Chicken in the bread pan pickin' out dough……..

A).  Granny does your dog bite, no child no

In 1892 in Schenectady, General Electric was founded. The founders were Charles A. Coffin, Elihu Thomson, Edwin J. Houston, J. P. Morgan, and this well known last name-

A) Thomas Edison

What year did the Vietnam war begin?  

Cornell grad Bill Nye the Science guy quit his job at Boeing to press a career as a what?  Stand up comedian 

Who wrote the song Pina Colada? 

Wink Martindale

The Redskins have been around since starting in Boston in 1932. For one season, they had a different nickname. What was it? 


Cerberus Capital Management purchased what legendary business in 2007? 

The Remington Arms Company


Who was the LAST man to stand on the moon? 

Gene Cernan in 1972, Apollo 17. 

A mama fox is called a Vixen. A male is called a dog fox or a what?


Johann Georg Lahner is the inventor of what? 

The hot dog

Name the only person who became president after the election ended in a tie.

Thomas Jefferson. 1800. The House of Representatives decided the election after John Adams and Jefferson ended up in an electoral college tie

The first American President to survive an attempted assassination by a female was- which President? 


The first person to try to shoot and kill PresidentFord was….

Lynette Squeaky Fromme (who lives in Marcy, NY)

3 of the 5 first US Presidents died on what day?

4th of July

Remington Arms celebrated 100 years in what year? 


Kodak introduced the first mass market camera in 1900. What was the name of the camera?

The Brownie

What was George Washington’s political party?


President Lincoln ran as a Republican in his first term. What party line did he run on for re-election?

National Union

This Utah rancher and blacksmith quit high school, joined the Marines and was a body guard for Howard Hughes before becoming famous. 

Anthony Wilford Brimley (who just died)

According to a recent survey, Van Halen has the best rock band cover song, You Really Got Me. First done by what band?


In 1967, Bobby Gentry had a very popular Ode to whom? 

Billy Joe

Which NY Met pitcher, with ties to our area, pitched the longest complete game in MLB history, lasting 4 hours and 35 minutes? 

Al Jackson.  On August 14, 1962, Jackson pitched a complete game 3–1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies in 4 hours 35 minutes – the longest complete game in terms of playing time in Major League history.

The last time it officially hit 100 degrees at Griffiss International Airport was July 18th, of what year? 


What mid 90’s late night tv show host used “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” as his theme song? 

Dennis Miller  

These lyrics are from a hit song, AND the theme of this sitcom:  Traveled down a road and back again, Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant   

Golden Girls.  Andrew Gold

What was the name of the Boston bar that inspired the TV show with Ted Danson and Shelly Long? 

Bull and Finch

John C. Freemont was the first ever -blank- to be nominated for President.


If you’re looking to visit Jeanette Epps over the next six months, where will you have to go? 

Space (Space Station) The Syracuse native was just selected to join the internal space station crew. 

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