The Utica Business Park officially has a new name.

City officially gathered at the park on Thursday, rededicating it the LaPolla and Ford Business Park in honor of former city Mayor Louis LaPolla, and John C. Ford, a former Vice President and Treasurer of Utica College.

Some may not remember the 80-acre property was once the Utica College Golf Course.

“This Business park, formerly the Utica College golf course, has been one of the economic efforts of my previous administration. This honor means a lot to me and my family, I know that Andrea is looking down happily at this dedication. I thank Mayor Palmieri and the Members of the Common Council, especially Councilman Mark Williamson, for recognizing this effort as the park has been essential to the economic growth of the city, community and region,'' LaPolla said in response to the honor.

And, J. Mark Ford, the son of the now deceased John Ford made this statement:

“My father, John C. Ford, grew up in and spent his entire life in Cornhill. His love for Utica was almost as great as his love for Utica College, where he dedicated 42 years. In his dual capacity of Vice President/Treasurer, he used his intimate knowledge of the college’s finances and keen eye for opportunity to solve problems. By proposing to the city to sell them the Utica College Golf course, the college got needed capital to buy the Ramada Inn (Burrstone House) for dormitory space and the city finally got a location for their long sought business park. The entire Ford Family appreciates this honor the city of Utica is bestowing upon him.”

A measure to rename the park in honor of LaPolla and Ford was unanimously passed by the Utica Common Council back in March.


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