The brand new Utica Comets logo has been released and while the color scheme matches that of the new parent club, New Jersey Devils, it matches Utica in an even more significant way.

TSM/Utica Comets
TSM/Utica Comets

The Utica City School District is represented in various sports arenas as the Raiders and they wear the colors black and red. What an amazing new opportunity for the new Utica Comets to partner in some way with the Proctor Raiders and Raiders at most levels. Common Council-at-Large candidate Samantha Colosimo-Testa is a teacher and mother in the Utica School District. Colosimo-Testa says,

Utica should be unified from its elementary to high school in colors. It shows solidarity. I look at Whitesboro and New Hartford and envy their pride from the bottom up. It’s time Utica takes advantage of supporting its own and being proud of the colors they wear from the time they step foot in a Utica school and what better time to do it with the new Utica Comets colors and hope of support from them.

Currently, only the middle and high school dons the black and red color scheme, but now with the Utica Comets taking on these colors maybe the entire district will unite around their AHL team. But, it goes beyond colors for Colosimo-Testa. She says, "It’s not about colors, it’s about having pride it’s about being proud of where you come from." Colosimo-Testa adds, "As a mother and teacher in the Utica school district which I support wholeheartedly, and thinks does a fantastic job, I look forward to making this happen."

Utica City Schools before the pandemic was the host school for Mohawk Valley schools that did not have a varsity hockey team. Now, with the Comets sharing the color scheme maybe it will stir up a new interest in a varsity team. Either way, it makes the move from Vancouver to New Jersey an even more solid fit and we can't wait for sports seasons as a whole to return to normal.

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