Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri was injured as he was riding with a DPW crew during the snow storm on Tuesday night, according to sources at city hall.

Palmieri was actually riding on the "PistenBully," which is the snow grooming vehicle that's used on Val Bialis to groom the hill and cross country ski trails.  According to sources, the vehicle struck a manhole cover and the Mayor fell into the windshield, injuring his head.  It's not known at this time if Mayor Palmieri received any medical treatment for the injury.

[UPDATE] During an interview with Keeler on Thursday, Mayor Palmieri said he did indeed get treatment at a local emergency room. He added that the injury occurred when his head slammed into the vehicle windshield. Listen to the audio of the Mayor here:


The incident was being downplayed this morning at city hall and the mayor is said to "feeling just fine."  The source says that Palmieri is currently at city hall working with DPW heads this morning strategizing cleanup of Utica's streets, which are littered with abandoned vehicles after heavy snowfall from Winter Storm Stella on Tuesday.  Initial reports show storm totals of nearly three feet of snow over a 24 hour period.

Update, 1:56 p.m.:

WIBX received this statement from the Mayor's Chief of Staff, Charles Greco-

The Mayor went out with DPW last night to help push cars for people.  He did get a little banged up but he did not go to the ER.  He and I were at CityHall at 8 this morning to meet with DPW, Police and Fire personnel and is now in Rome for the Governors announcement

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