Starting this fall semester, students at Colgate University will get the chance to experience coffee from the Utica Roasting Company of Utica. Colgate has added Utica Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee to their food service lineup.

Utica Cold Brew Coffee has been developed in cooperation with Morrisville State College and Nelson Farms. The product has been test marketed for the past two years as part of the Taste-NY venue at the New York State Fair.

Utica Cold Brew Coffee is made by “brewing” coffee in cold water rather than hot. Utica Cold Brew is unique in that it is flash pasteurized prior to kegging. The flash pasteurization process extends shelf life, increases sweetness, and prevents separation of product. Utica Cold Brew Coffee is made from a unique roast and blend of coffee that imparts a full flavor yet is sweeter and less acidic than coffee made through the traditional hot brewing process.

The Utica Cold Brew Coffee will be available in the Coop Dining Hall at Colgate. For those wanting to try Utica Coffee and Utica Cold Brew for themselves, you can visit the company’s flagship location in downtown Utica, or at the Taste-NY venue at the New York State Fair

Frank Elias, president of Utica Coffee Roasting, stated “Colgate University and Chartwells Dining Service have been very supportive of local vendors. This is an opportunity for students to experience what the local area has to offer. The number of students who reach out to learn more about our business and learn more about what our region has to offer is one of the greatest benefits.  Local producers in effect become local ambassadors for our area.”

Utica Coffee Roasting roasts and distributes 'high quality' coffee available from around the world; locally.

Every day we put into practice our belief that our community can be revitalized through responsible business development. We hire local, purchase local (everything but our coffee beans, of course), and sell local. We’re committed to offering the highest quality coffee available and we do this through attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to quality.

The Utica Coffee Roasting Company is located in Bagg's Square at 92 Genesee Street.

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