The Utica Zoo is asking for the public's help with their new camel. Of course, they'll make it worth your while if you're willing to help out.

Getting a new camel at the zoo isn't a cheap investment. The Utica Zoo has gotten a 7-year-old camel from Ohio to join their 11-year-old camel Najla. Najla had just lost her companion Nigel, who passed away in September (and camels are very social animals, so a new friend fro Najla was pretty important).

Although the zoo has already gotten their new camel, there are still costs involved, and getting a new animal was not in the budget. Between transportation fees and the actual cost of the camel, the bill totaled almost $15,000.

The Utica Zoo has been collecting donations to offset the cost of the newest member to their family. Now, they are into the final days of their fundraising effort, and they're asking for the public's help. If you donate $25 (or more) to their camel campaign, they'll put you in the running for a family membership to the zoo (or a renewal if you already have a family membership). Donations have to be made by 5pm this Friday (March 3rd), to be entered into the contest.

How great is that?! You can help out the new camel at the Utica Zoo for only $25, plus you have the opportunity to become or renew a family membership at the zoo. Then you can visit the wonderful camel you helped out all you want. And of course all the other perks of being a member like discounts on other events going on at the Utica Zoo, discounted or free admission to other zoos around the country, access to special members-only programs and other discounts and bonuses.

You can get more details and find out how you can donate and be put in the running for a free membership to the zoo by visiting: You can also see the updated totals of how much money has been raised as the zoo gets closer and closer to their goal.

The new camel is a male Bactrian Camel. Bactrian Camels are critically endangered (one step away from extinct), with fewer than 950 estimated in the wild.





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