WIBX was surprised to learn the story of Heidi Kloczkowski, a listener whose car was stolen while she was attending the recent REO Speedwagon concert at The Stanley in Utica.

She says she parked in a nearby church parking lot. When the show got out, she was frustrated to find a pile of glass in what was her parking spot. Frustrated further, though, when she learned that the suspect(s), if caught at all, would likely only face a misdemeanor charge.

We talked Utica Police Public Information Officer Lt. Steve Hauck to find what gives. He joined the Keeler show to explain why not all stolen cars result in a felony charge of grand larceny.


We're told you need to prove the thief planned to not return you car?!?! But they stole it, right? Sounds bizarre, but Lt. Hauck sheds some light on the subject.

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