There and 11 new positive COVID-19 cases in Oneida County and another potential exposure of the virus at a local business, according to County Executive Anthony Picente, speaking at his daily briefing on Thursday.

Picente said a possible exposure of the virus at Walmart on Commercial Drive in New Hartford happened on April 21st. While it's low risk to the public, anyone who was at the store between 1 and 2 p.m. on the 21st should self-monitor for potential symptoms until May 5th, according to the county health department.

Testing Locally and Around the State

Preliminary results of statewide antibody testing were released on Thursday. Picente said some 3000 samples were randomly obtained at Utica-area Price Chopper locations. While local results are not yet available, 3.6% of people who were tested upstate had a positive result. In New York City, more than 20% of the people there tested positive. Earlier on Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said those results, although preliminary, support lifting restrictions differently between upstate and downstate.

Senator, Mitch McConnell Says No Funding for States

Earlier on Thursday, Gov. Cuomo criticized U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's comments charging that the federal government should not fund state governments that are financially upside down. McConnell said that the states should not receive a bailout, but instead should file for bankruptcy. Picente vehemently disagreed.  "Saying local and state governments should file for bankruptcy is really an insult," Picente said. "As we all talk about sending more money to the federal government than any other state, that's outrageous. To make it a political red state, blue state issue, there's no place for this.  You really need to come and see what we're dealing with at a local level. I would expect more out of a national leader in the Senate," said Picente.  Picente said counties like Oneida have been spending large amounts of money to support efforts during the crisis including money spent on PPE to protect healthcare workers. "We do this each and every day. It goes to show how out of touch the (Senate) leadership is," he said.

COVID-19 Situation Report - By The Numbers in Oneida County 4/17/20

Fatalities: 11

11 new cases

324 total

33 Oneida County residents hospitalized,  24 MVHS  5 Rome, 4 Out of county

200 Active positive cases

Resolved: 113

Total negative- 1859 

Total tested to date: 2481

Total test results pending:  298

Mandatory Quarantine: 622

Precautionary Quarantine: 365

Total discharged: 2584

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