UPDATE:  3:25 p.m.  

All after-school activities in the Herkimer Central School District have been cancelled for today, following a social media threat.  No other details are available at this time.

Meanwhile, Little Falls Police Chief Michael Masi says the Herkimer threat and the one emailed into Little Falls School this morning might be connected.

"We're speculating that they're connected," he said.

Masi told WIBX this afternoon that the original threat, deemed 'serious,' was emailed into the Little Falls School District at about 4 this morning, including various threats to the district. He said the incoming email was from an address that actually included the name of a school employee; however, after authorities interviewed the employee, it was determined that he or she had no involvement. He said he can't divulge the actual threat or the content of the email, at this time.

As the early-morning progressed, a large police investigation ensued that included members of the Little Falls Police Department and the New York State Police.  Masi said that by 8 a.m., they had concluded that the schools and the school busses were safe for students and classes proceeded, as scheduled.

"We placed police at each entrance and visually checked everyone who entered the school," said Masi.  "We also had officers in the school, in addition to the police staff that is part of our normal procedure."

Masi said they're working with the New York State Police Counter Terrorism liaison and the New York State Computer Crimes Unit and that the investigation is ongoing.

There is no perceived connection to the NYS Assessment testing, according to Masi.


Earlier report:

Investigators in Little Falls say they are looking into a 'serious threat' that was called into a Little Falls School District administrator at about 4 o'clock this morning, causing an intense   sweep of the school and school busses.

Parents received notification by text that there was an incident at the school; but, that the district remained safe and open for classes.  One parent who contacted WIBX this morning said that when she arrived with her son, the campus on Top Notch Rd. 'was swarming with police' and they were told the situation was safe for their children.

Superintendent Dr. Keith Levantino confirmed the threat and said that the buildings were swept and school busses were searched in time for classes to begin at 8 a.m..

Today was the first day of NYS assessment testing; however, officials say there's no evidence that would lead authorities to believe that the threat was connected to testing.

Levantino will join WIBX's Keeler in the Morning show on Wednesday morning at 8:20 for an update on the investigation.


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