Some local students are stepping forward in a call for reduced gun violence and safer schools as students all around the country staged walk outs and demonstrations marking one month after the slaying of 17 at a Florida high school.

Local Police transmissions March 14 relayed the start and conclusions of what they called “ceremonies” on local campuses, which ranged from students walking out of the school buildings to Binghamton High School students linking arms and standing in silence in the hallways for 17 minutes honoring each of the 17 victims.

Some other local schools participating included Vestal, Johnson City and Maine Endwell.

Students are also being encouraged to participate in 17 days of action to promote kindness.  Actions like sitting with a new person at lunch or engaging in conversation are encouraged.  Some organizers admit, however, every day should be a day of kindness.

In several districts, faculty also joined in the demonstrations.


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