Utica, NY (WIBX) - The man challenging Republican Congressman Richard Hanna for the newly redrawn 22nd Congressional District in New York made a stop in Utica today. Democrat Dan Lamb says he's offering an alternative to Hanna.

He also criticized Hanna for not doing enough to boost more transportation projects in the region and is calling for the removal of three provisions in the Highway Bill, he says will shut down dozens of construction projects already underway on the state.

"My opponent Richard Hanna isn't doing more on this issue, making his position known to his colleagues. He's in the majority, he's on the proper committees in Congress, he's on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, he's on the Highway Subcommittee--he's the Vice-Chair of the Highway Subcommittee and he's a Conferee on the Committees that resolves the differences between the House and the Senate on the transportation law. So, he should be using all these adventagious positions he has to fix this problem," Lamb said.

The candidate spoke at the corner of Court Street and the N/S Arterial to call attention to the major construction project already in the works in the area that he says is in jeopardy. Lamb says if lawmakers don't approve the Surface Transportation Reauthorization bill by June 30th, many state projects, including the N/S Arterial one will be halted.

Lamb who supports reauthorizing the bill, says it should happen after Republicans in Congress remove the following provisions: The expansion of offshore and arctic oil exploration, approval of the Keystone pipeline and relaxation of restriction on us of coal ash. He says at stake is the loss of more than 113,000 jobs in NYS if construction projects are halted. "We shouldn't be five legislative days out from a disaster here. This is not responsible governing and I'm offering an alternative cause I understand how the system works, I understand how Congress works and I know that you have to engage on these issues early--you can't wait until the last minute and put the needs of your constituents in jeopardy," he said.